We need to talk about suicide.

We need to talk about suicide.

We need to talk about suicide.

Does that sentence make you squirm? Does it make you uncomfortable? That’s ok, it made me uncomfortable for a long time too.

Nine. Nine humans who have approached me at events or gatherings and whispered thank you in my ear. Nine humans who were on the edge of leaving. Nine humans in the throes of contemplating the decision to take their own life that only needed to hear that they weren’t alone. That they didn’t want to end their life, they just wanted to end their pain. Nine humans who thanked me for talking about it, for building a place where it’s ok to talk about it.

Nine lives amongst the millions who are thinking about it right this second. Imagine who would thank you if you spoke up.

What’s it going to take for the rest of us to talk about it? Or should I say WHO is it going to take? Is it going to take your best friend’s life? The next celebrity? The 12 year old down the street? Your nephew? Your daughter? Your son?

Who will it take for us to wake up and talk about this with our people. This doesn’t have to start in politics and I’m not calling for the news to broadcast the positive messages to humans contemplating it. I’m simply asking that in your circles, in your little pockets of communities, in your job, in your social circles….talk about it.

If I’ve learned anything from those nine humans it’s that connection is the best prevention.

Connect with another human and you might just save their life.