May 2018: No Stigmas

May 2018: No Stigmas

If you’ve ever struggled with mental illness or know someone who has, we know you’re strong AF. You’ve been through or are going through hell and it’s okay to talk about it. Remember this—even on your hardest days. Every single human on this planet has struggled with a mental health-related issue at some point. It’s the anxiety that attacks every morning without mercy, it’s the negative self-talk loops that make us believe we’re not good enough, it’s the way we look out our bodies and see “ugly” when everyone else thinks were beautiful.

It’s time we come together to talk about the battle that exists in our minds. Just because we can’t see our mind, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting our entire worlds. Too many humans walk around feeling isolated and weighed down by their mental health struggles—too ashamed to talk about them because they’re worried they’ll be judged, outcast, labeled as “crazy” or “weak.”

Hundreds of humans each month take a leap into a vulnerable space and submit their story to us here at Only Human, and the common thread we see more often than not? Struggles with mental health. If you think you’re alone, we promise you aren’t. If you are currently struggling with your mental health, know that help does exist (check out the resources we’ve gathered for struggling humans).

In May, we’re focused on mental health awareness. We’re celebrating the strength of humans who struggle with mental health, we’re talking about the hard stuff, and we’re doing it right out in the open. 10% of all profits this month go directly to No Stigmas, an organization focused on eliminating the stigma around mental health that provides peer-to-peer support networks and ally programs for all humans who need it.

Let’s burn down the stigma around mental illness.