Becoming the man I’ve always been

Becoming the man I’ve always been
Name:Brooks Fine

At a young age, I knew I was different than most biological girls. I wanted boy clothes and boy toys. I wanted nothing to do with being a girl.

My parents of course just thought it was a tom boy stage, until years later. My dad, to this day, can remember me saying when I was 5 years old that I was a boy and not a girl.  I grew up in the 90’s, so the term transgender was never really brought up or talked about like it is now for younger people. So, I grew up trying to fit in with society. It wasn’t until my teens that I started exploring my sexuality.

I was thirteen when I came out at a lesbian. My parents thought it was a stage and did everything but disown me. I thought maybe because I was attracted to females it meant I was lesbian. I still like dressing as a boy and never felt quite right in female clothes, so I thought I was just a typical stud.

A couple years down the road I still felt as if something was not quite right. I became very suicidal and my mental health fell down hill. I didn’t really come to terms with being transgender until I began seeing a therapist.

The therapist helped me with finding my true identity and I will forever be grateful for that person. I wish I had come to terms with who I truly was early on in life, but they say everything happens for a reason; right?

So hello humans! My name is Brooks Elijah and I am a transgender male. Meaning I was biologically born female but am transitioning to male. I am a year and a half on testosterone and have top surgery coming up in the near future.

I hope my story, the sweet and short version, can help someone who is going through the same things in life become who they truly are meant to be.

Never let the world change you into something your not and always remember to smile through it all. Thank you beautiful humans and have a beautifully wonderful life!

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