Courageously me

Courageously me
Name: Victoria C
Pronouns: she/her
Instagram: vc.dallas

It takes courage to be yourself. When you can be free from fear of losing people and be honest with who you are, that’s when growth takes place.

Hello, I am Victoria and I am bisexual. Instead of coming out I was found out. I remember the look I received once the person figured it out. They were horrified. I never liked the idea of coming out because I hated that I had to explain myself. It made me feel as if I committed a crime for being me.

After I was outed it took many conversations and soul searching before I gained support from those who initially did not support me. What I found in most of these conversations is that they cared more so about how people would perceive them and judge them because of who I love. That was really difficult for me to process. They cared more about how they would look being associated with me. This was the cause of most of my inner turmoil. It took me a long time to accept that who I am and who I love is not “wrong” and that I am not the one with the problem. Surrounding myself with people who loved me for being me is when I realized more that I am worthy.  Love is Love. Those who are against that is where the problem is. Not me.

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