Featured Artist: Jane Goat

Featured Artist: Jane Goat

All About Jane Goat

A Q&A with the uber talented human, Jane Goat, who created the Hustle & Heart design for February's campaign benefitting the American Heart Association. Every now and again, we like to collab with an awesome human who can bring their own spirit into the mix and we're happy we met Jane Goat. Check her out on Insta (she's doing rad stuff): @janegoat

What's a charity/cause you hold close to your heart and why?

My family has been heavily involved with Hospice of the Valley ever since I was little. When my grandmother was sick, their help was second to none and since her passing, we've continued to be a part of the Hospice family.

What does "Only Human" mean to you?

The human experience is everything. Beneath all of the bullshit, we're all human. We all want and deserve connection, love, and happiness. Why people feel the need to threaten this by categorizing humans is so weird to me. It sounds cliche but if you can focus on the human qualities of a person, what they're passionate about, what drives them, what they love - then the small stuff like gender, race, political affiliation - it just doesn't matter as much. Only Human is a super cool brand that roots itself in this philosophy, and I'm very proud to be a part of it in a small way.

If you could solve one problem for humanity, what would it be?

Yikes, this is a hard one! I'd probably say the environment. I'm passionate about the outdoors and I strongly believe in Climate change. If I could snap my fingers and make environmental preservation a non-issue, that would be wonderful.

Do you believe in aliens?

Hah! I was just having this conversation with someone. I think there HAS to be other forms of life out there, yes. Whether or not we'll ever find them, I'm not sure. But the numbers are too astronomical for there not to be!

What do you hope humans feel when they see or wear the Hustle + Heart design you've created?

I think it's really easy to get caught up in the "hustle" of life. I think doing something you're passionate about is a grind, and it's almost encouraged to lose yourself in that - but the heart portion of this design is that the best way to really do something and do it well is to not lose touch with the other side of you. I hope people feel encouraged to be healthy, be happy, do things that challenge you but also make you feel good! Be with people you love, and get weird, and lose yourself in your life, because sometimes the best work happens when you're so rooted in who you are that you can't be ignored.

What kind of human do you want to be remembered as?

Hopefully honest and kind! Haha - and funny, definitely funny.

We're teaming up with a nonprofit who works in the cardiac space this month, do you have any story you want to share that's related?

My grandfather had a massive cardiac event at a young-age while on vacation and unfortunately he didn't make it. I was so young that I never got to really know him, but I know exercise and general health are a major part of my mom's life because of the event. From what I hear about him, I think he and I would have gotten along really well, so I'm really sad I never had a close relationship with him 🙁


I also love movies with giant monsters in them and have a 19 yr old cat names The Colonel (and a carnivorous plant terrarium, which I count as pets haha)

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