Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

I’ve struggled with mental health my entire life. I’ve struggled to find my identity even longer but one day, something clicked. I started to come to terms with the fact that I liked women. I was terrified due to growing up with a Catholic family and scared of never finding acceptance. I always felt like the black sheep of the family. I got tattoos, struggled and talked openly about my mental health and now my sexuality.

However, once I admitted it to myself I started feeling the weight off of my shoulders. As scared as I was, the urge to be happy was stronger. I decided to put myself first and accept who I am. It’s been four years and I love who I am and accept her fully.

No matter what your circumstance in life, you deserve to be happy. Find the courage and be proud of who you are. It took me into young adulthood to find happiness, don’t let fear control yours.

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