Guess What? We're Engayged!

Guess What? We're Engayged!
Name: Hannah & Alia Magill
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: hersandhers_

“I’ve waited for this day since the moment I saw you. You are everything to me and you would make me the happiest girl in the world to call you my wife. Alia Guidry, will you marry me??”

“Are you serious? Wait, is this actually happening? Is this really happening right now? Baby, are you SERIOUS?!”

Then she knelt down and kissed me.

“So is that a yes?!”

At least, that’s how we both remember it. 😂

All we really remember was blacking out and crying tears of joy.

THEN came the “yes.”

And no later than that, a bottle of champagne pulled from our (amazing) photographer’s backpack. Two champagne flutes.
The warm crashing waves.
A full moon.

And then, just us.

Sipping champagne on the shoreline, grasping at the notion that ‘engaged’ was our new reality.

Indescribable bliss.

📸: @flytographer

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