How Long Will You Stay On Two Feet?

How Long Will You Stay On Two Feet?
Name: Caitlin Conner
Pronouns: she/her

One moment texting-while-driving led to one accident that changed two (really three) people’s lives. One pregnancy, seven surgeries, minus one leg, and many sleepless nights. The loss of two mothers, a brother, a job, a marriage, dignity, and pride… But…

Seven years later and Caitlin has turned her pain into continuous gain. From new amputee to new mom, new athlete, new attitude, and take on life, she has found the beauty through the pain. She finally has a story worth remembering.

Caitlin may have lost her leg, but she gained a beautiful daughter and significant other. She became a model and an advocate for the adaptive community and now runs a non-profit called Be More Adaptive. Her loss of job lead her to start her own business and working with only the people she wants and believes in. She has tried lots of new sports as an adaptive athlete and won competitions in several. Caitlin has taken part in several studies to help further the technology and advancement of prosthetics and is currently working on a speed skating (ice) project with the Colorado School Of Mines Engineering department.

If it weren’t for a great prosthetic company and several non-profits that provide grants, Caitlin’s successes might have been exchanged for the depression and PTSD she had to go through. Mobility is a necessity to all beings and for their existence to be able to contribute to their collective communities. Her accident was not her fault, yet she will have to pay for it for the rest of her life. Caitlin takes each day as an opportunity to do good and be the best form of herself. Her goal is to stay upright as long as possible but she recognizes her days of mobility are numbered just like the rest of the population. Good prosthetic care is essential to stretching out her mobility. How long will you be able to stay on your two feet?

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