How to save a life

How to save a life

Hello, I’m Mariette from South Africa.

Most people would say I’m friendly, and would always come up to me and say “hey, I like your tattoo” referring to the Stay tattoo that I got. That’s when I get the chance to encourage another human that might be the only chance I get to save a life!!

I was 19 years old, and I had a best friend of the same age, his name was Chris, and he was struggling with depression but I didn’t know. He was always happy and smiling, until that call came…

Chris was found in his mom’s car by the beach, he overdosed.

My heart dropped in my chest, I was so angry and didn’t know how he could do this to me!!!? Some people said it was because he was gay and his parents didn’t want to accept him, or he was too scared to come out that he would rather die. I didn’t know what the reason was behind that depression, but it took me years to understand that we won’t always understand it all until we have been through it or until it’s too late.

Chris’s death broke my heart but it also brought something good. I always try and help where I can offer a helping hand, a friendship, or just advice if I see someone is feeling down, because from the moment my friend died, I knew I had to help as many humans possible to not take away the one precious life we all have been given. If you are struggling with depression please go to someone you love and trust – please just speak to someone – it might just save your life.

Submitted by Mariette.

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