I Survived Me

I Survived Me

I was certain I would not make it to my 23rd birthday. I was the kind of certain that one could only be if they had made that fateful decision for themselves. Years of battling depression, self-injury & rage left in a heap a soul worn, tattered & of self-perceived zero value. I believed & lived like I was born with an expiration for yesterday.

With time, saying hard truths to myself in the mirror (literally) & willingness to work at it daily… That trip around the sun came & went. Twelve years later, I am proud I survived me, my darkest days & my most dangerous nights.

I am proud that both my seen & unseeable scars allow me to relate & uniquely empathize with those with similar a history or current pain. I am grateful that I am at a place where I can speak openly & plainly about my mental health because talking saves lives. I am hopeful that my ability to listen without judgement or assumptions helps someone who needs to be heard. I am proud I survived me.

I take pride in my mental health journey… My times of struggle forged a scarred but open heart. My times of happiness shine a light on HOPE & remind me that life is worth it.

Today, I am happily married, a business owner for six years, a dog & cat parent, a champion for Suicide Prevention, an Advocate for ALL Humans, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a runner, a consumer of donuts & a lover of burpees.

I am proud I survived me on my dark days so I can be me on my best days!!!

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