Island Strong

Island Strong
Name:Michelle catalano

Born and raised in Long Island, NY you know a thing or two about pizza and bagels and how taxis don’t stop for pedestrians, so you better be a quick walker. As much as it was my home was for 28 years, I wanted to explore new opportunities. In 2018 my fiancé at the time convinced me to pack up our lives and relocate to Tempe, Arizona not knowing any other person and starting a new chapter. What this new chapter gave me was more than I could have imagined whether good or bad. I have met new people with different souls than I could have ever imagined. I got married and also separated, but found a part of myself that I never knew was missing. I moved into a condo by myself for the first time in my life during a pandemic and what felt like the worst time of my life, was an eye opener of strength that I never knew existed.

What this great state has taught me overall is how to love, forgive and cherish every second of every day.

We have the world and nothing but time.

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