LGBTQ+ Rewrite: Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy

LGBTQ+ Rewrite: Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy

But the pastures weren’t empty when Sophie arrived back at Havenfield. To make matters worse, the person there was Sophie’s boyfriend, Fitz, the last person she wanted to see. There was only one thing Fitz would be there for, what happened earlier that day. But for the moment, the best she could do was keep her smile in place as she made her way to where he stood waiting. “Sorry–have you been here for a while?” she asked “I was…”


Making out with your sister who’s gay, Sophie thought. “Wait WHAT!” Fitz shouted. Fitz read Sophie’s mind, without permission, but he didn’t seem too concerned about that. “You what?” he asked more calmly. Sophie's stomach lurched. “I think we should talk about this tomorrow, I’m tired, it’s late, and–” Sophie started but Fitz interrupted. “I DON’T CARE HOW LATE IT IS YOUR GOING TO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED” he screamed. Sophie took a step back. “You need to calm down, okay?” she whispered. He shoved her backwards. “You made out with someone else while we’re dating, worse, my sister, WORSE, another girl!” He yelled. Sophie sighed, “Thought you had your life together but damn I was wrong.”  she muttered under her breath. 


“Fitz, it was one date, that doesn’t mean anything, and so what if I like girls too!” Fitz ran his hands through his hair, exasperated with Sophie’s response. “It’s fine, you’re just confused.” Fitz pulled Sophie into his arms and started kissing her head. “What-” Now Sophie was mad. “I can like whoever I want, what say do you have?” Fitz was taken aback. Sophie heard a loud thump. She turned around to find Biana standing there frowning. “Fitz, are you hurting her?” Biana asked in a surprisingly calm tone. “I-no I’m just- we’re just-um talking.” Fitz stuttered. “Well that’s not what Grady and Edaline told me. Sophie looked back at Havenfield spotting Edaline waving, Sophie smiled.


Fitz took a step back. Biana picked Sophie up and planted a kiss on the lips, soft, warm, true. Sophie smiled, hugging Biana, “What was that for?” Sophie asked. Biana smiled joyfully, “I remembered I loved you!” Both blushing, they turned back to Fitz who was wonderstruck. “YOU CAN’T JUST KISS SOMEONE WHILE WE’RE DATING!” He yells. Sophie and Biana look at each other, about to burst into laughter, “Then, I guess we’ll just have to break up, such a shame.” Sophie and Biana begin laughing non stop. “Want to go to my room?” Sophie offers, “Yes, away from all this homophobic brother/ ex boyfriend!” she giggles. They run down the hill back to Havenfield not stopping to acknowledge others’ presence, too wrapped up in their dream lands. “I love you Biana,” Sophie says while they hug. “I love you moooooore!” Biana exaggerates the gesture and they kiss again. Not worried about what others think.

Submitted as part of our 2022 LGBTQ+ Novel Rewrite series

By: Liv

6th-8th Grade



  • Froggo

    yas >:3

  • ok

    SO CUTE!!!!!

  • Sherlock

    Omg just no 😂 sokefee all the way sorry the book is better nooooo rewrites 😬

  • I Loked

    I liked it and think it’s a good twist but, in the actual story it makes since for sophie to maybe go this path because she’s already unmatchable so its just one more thing. Also, fan of sokeefe but a fan either way.

    Bro. SOKEEFE ALL THE WAYYYYYY. Also i dont think they shld be lgbtqplus i mean, nothing against that but nt here

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