LGBTQ+ Rewrite: The One And Only Ivan

LGBTQ+ Rewrite: The One And Only Ivan

Ivan was an easygoing boy, living in a normal home. Sadly, he has grown accustomed to people whispering and laughing about him, because he is different. He really misses his life when people laughed with him, rather than at him. In fact, he always thinks about it. Why did things have to change?

Ivan likes to watch TV but many of the shows are with “straight people”, so he thinks that being gay is bad. Then he meets Ruby, a lesbian girl, that just moved from Carolina. She helps Ivan to see that being “different” is ok. That people are people, and love is love.

Ruby brought change with her, and it’s up to Ivan to make a change for the better. To be true to his feelings and to stand strong in what he believes.

Submitted as part of our 2022 LGBTQ+ Novel Rewrite series

By: Mady

5th Grade


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