Make me a promise and I’ll do the same

Make me a promise and I’ll do the same

I want you to make me a huge promise okay?

Promise me, that on the days where you feel like you are sinking, can’t breathe, can’t see a purpose that you will reach out to anyone, even the resource hotline and just ask them to sit in silence with you. Promise me, on days where those horrible thoughts are taking over that you will reach out to someone and tell them you need to talk (even if that means writing it on paper and burning it). Promise me that if you can’t be strong enough to carry yourself, that you will allow someone else to do so until you can stand on your own two feet again.

I struggle on my toughest days. I actually gave up on life 10 times, but after 4-5 years I haven’t attempted again. I chose to stay because I want to help people.

April 12th, 2018 my best friend died by suicide (in the photo it’s the girl holding up the peace sign). Her thoughts finally consumed her and she couldn’t take it anyone, but get this I talked to her before she did it and I never knew..wanna know why? Because she had the greatest disguise and I couldn’t see right through it. I stay because of her, to carry on her legacy, to help people the way she did. We both are EMT’s and I can’t continue my medical work because I lost my partner that I worked with because it’s not the same.

I want all of you to know that even though I am a stranger I will be a lending ear, a shoulder to cry on, someone to speak too when no one else can. Please, stay another day because I know the moon loves you. The stars glow for you. The sun rises again so it can touch your face and skin throughout the day. Most of all, a stranger like me wants to have you cherish everyday even though it seems impossible.

Tomorrow needs you, needs me, needs everyone. You make it better.

Story submitted by Jessica.

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