New Beginning Life

New Beginning Life

I have been through so many experiences in my life. I’ve had good times, but for a decade in my 20s it was all bad. I got involved with the wrong people & committed a crime of fraud. Definitely not the greatest moment. Disappointed my parents & family, it was rough & I felt so much shame and guilt, I fell depressed and turned to alcohol. When I was 18 I had gastric bypass surgery, I was over weight all my adolescence and had reached 345 lbs by 17. My father also suffered being over weight had gastric bypass before I did & I jumped on board. Well your stomach is no longer the same & you absorb things differently. When I turned to alcohol my drinking progressed quickly & I would get drunk faster then most, due to my surgery. So I became a full blown alcoholic all through my 20s, went to rehabs & therapy & other things. I battled with my disease up until this past year. I hit my biggest rock bottom in my drinking that shook me to my core.

I said enough is enough, I had some sort of spiritual awakening & from one day to the next I quit drinking cold turkey & got myself to AA meetings & hit them hard. I’m happy to say that I’m a recovering alcoholic & am 5 months sober today! In the past couple months I have received so many blessings & opportunities, life has been a lot better! Lol. Today at 30 going to be 31 soon, I’m grateful & thankful for my new beginning, no longer getting in the way of my own self & taking life by the horns one day at a time. I’m not all together & where I want to be in life but I’m thankful that I have the ability to start making what I want my life to be. No longer getting into my stinking thinking & creating this new life in sobriety. In my alcoholism I was still a kind, caring, loving person but wasn’t able to be fully there for anyone. Now I can be.

It’s been quite the journey, but myself, family, friends & girlfriend are all happy & grateful for who I am today. I choose to want to be a part of Only Human because of the love, support & understanding of a human being w/ out ridicule or judgement. We all go through things in life & we are Only Human trying to live. I am appreciative, grateful, & thankful to be apart of such a wonderful brand & people. I look forward to the future w/ such enlightenment & happiness & I cant wait to join Only Human at one of their events soon!

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