When COVID first hit I admit I didn’t take it very seriously. I equated it to a really bad flu season. Fast forward one month later and I lose my job, my relationship and my mind. Literally.

I spent most of my day at home wondering how I was going to afford my bills or how I could eat.
This anxiety and depression over not working and becoming newly single manifested itself into some extremely destructive behaviors. I hated myself and the world felt like it was crumbling.

It was on a Tuesday, I woke up feeling so sick to my stomach with things, that I got on my knees and prayed for what seemed like hrs. I actually fell asleep during it. When I woke up I started over and did mantras and meditated for an entire day. Wednesday morning, I was offered the job I had all but given up on getting. My financial problem were over.

The next 5 months had a lot of ups and downs but I kept on persevering because I knew that if I went back to that dark place I’d never find my way back out.

I began counseling. I found new hobbies. I created residual income. I bought a bike. I got tattoos and piercings. I got a new apt. I got a promotion.

Life is def better with music. Find your power anthem and use your mind over the worldly matters.

I’m a walking advocate. Music and meditation saved my life.

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