Radical Self-Acceptance and Fighting Diet Culture

Radical Self-Acceptance and Fighting Diet Culture

Laura (she/her)

I’m thrilled to be writing this post and even more pleased to be writing it for a company that conducts themselves with integrity, honesty, and with the intention to make our world a better place. I want to thank Only Human for many reasons, but take the time to highlight the one that stood out to me most when partnering with OH.

The culture, environment, and core values of radical self-acceptance OH has fostered and created for their community is one that traditionally goes against the natural progression of how most companies climb the ladder. Something in and of itself that deserves great recognition.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a “diet culture drop out” nutrition coach who puts a heavy emphasis on inclusivity, self adoration, as well as the journey not the destination. Only Human immediately captivated my attention.

I have spent the better of 15 years battling diet culture, filtering/shielding my clients from media toxicity, helping them heal wounded relationships with food, and simultaneously helping them achieve the physical results they individually desire.

I then stumbled upon Only Human. With arms wide open they in turn created the same space for me I have worked so hard to create for others. It’s safe to say it was a much needed breath of fresh air and a more than needed taste of my own medicine. It seemed only logical at this point to advocate for, and stand alongside a company who like me works so tirelessly to spread the message of radical self love and kindness.

When asked to speak on what the statement “come as you are” means to me. The answer seemed obvious. We have spent years upon years building up layers around ourselves to look, feel, and act as though we are someone who we are not in hopes we will somehow measure up and find a sense of happiness and belonging. The irony is, this false sense of self compromises who we are at our core and inevitably results in a deeply unhappy and unfilled existence. In its essence a deprivation of “self” that so discourteously sidelines our hearts need for true and full satisfaction. “Come as you are” to me means a continuous and life long spring cleaning. It means stripping down the false and seemingly protective armor that weighs our souls down from living our truths and showing up in our most raw and beautiful forms. “Come as you are” means living vibrantly, explosively, and unapologetically free.

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