School Social Worker Lighting the Way for Youth

School Social Worker Lighting the Way for Youth
Name:Julie Robbins

I’ve served as a school social worker in Pittsburgh and Phoenix Title 1 k-12th grade schools for the past 22 years.  The greatest joy that I get out of being a school social worker is watching children grow into their best selves. My hope is that children and families are finding ways to stay healthy and strong through this pandemic.  I hope to see them, in person, very soon!  I enjoy being a support for them and I love teaching and watching them become self-advocates. I get to help children discover their strength and talents.  I’ve become a better human because of the many children who have entered my life throughout my school social work career.  In my role, I am the resource link between students, parents, school staff and the larger community.  I’m also a certified yoga in schools and yoga for children facilitator.  I enjoy bringing mindfulness and yoga practice to children through their classrooms.  The kids love learning how to let go of the things they can’t control around them and feeling the peace of being able to regulate their own thoughts and bodies.  It’s so much fun to see their excitement and personal growth!

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