This is me

This is me
Name: Jimmie Perkins
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: azjimbo81

I am a 4th Generation Arizonan. Born and raised on a working cattle ranch in North Eastern AZ. I’ve always been a TomBoy, athletic, outside loving girl! Parts of my childhood are a living nightmare that no one should ever go through. That caused me to become depressed and suicidal at a very young age and I was petrified to talk about what was happening to me. I survived suicide attempts at a young age. I also struggled with depression on and off and even as an adult I have depression, but I refuse to let the Devil win.

I am living proof that your darkness doesn’t rule you! I have had careers in Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire and now work as a Patient Tech for the #1 Hospital in the State and Country. I am beyond Blessed and look forward to waking up daily to show the world a smile even when I am feeling down, I know there is someone out there struggling more than I am and a simple smile can make someone’s day better. You never know what someone is going through. To be a better Human every day is my daily goal!

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