This Is Me: Ash

This Is Me: Ash
Name: Ash Campo
Pronouns: He/Him
Instagram: ash.and.kel

Hi my name is Ash and this is my truth:

From the time I was about 5 years old I knew I was gay. I endured some mean people along the way. I still embraced who I was, but WHO exactly was I? Fast forward to present day. I met my fiancé and instantly felt comfortable in my skin like I knew who I was but there was still something missing. Mid-Late 2019 we started our Baby Journey. During that journey I started to feel emotions stronger than ever but kept them to myself. We ended up not getting pregnant this time around and although we both were crushed, I felt terrible that I couldn’t give my fiancé a baby as I was the “man” in the relationship. Our baby journey came to an end (for now) in Oct 2019. From then till February 2020 I thought A LOT about my feelings and couldn’t hide it anymore! I sat my fiancé down to tell her how I was feeling. I was so nervous and scared but I just had to get it out “Love, I’m transgender and the first start of my transition I want to remove my chest” my heart pounding and the tears streaming. The support from my fiancé was overwhelming! It’s then I FINALLY realized who I was! I am TRANSGENDER! THIS is ME! I am done hiding!

My fiancé and I were supposed to get married April 2020, but due to Covid-19 we had to reschedule our wedding to July 2021. Although we were extremely heart broken, some good came out of the wait! June 2020 I went for my Top Surgery consultation, where I was told I needed to lose 35 pounds before scheduling a surgery date. I wasn’t gonna let weight get in the way of being me! July 2020 I started my weight loss journey. Nov 2020 I scheduled another consultation because I exceeded their weight loss number! February 22, 2021 I was 59lbs pound lighter and being prepped for my Top Surgery!! I am currently 24 days (3.18.21) into living my life as a trans man and I couldn’t be happier! I have started my name change and gender marker change. I will get to marry my fiancé as the man I’ve always felt I was!!

Thank You for listening to my story!

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