When they don’t stay.

When they don’t stay.
Name:Sammy Weller

When I was 24, I was at Disney World when I got the call that my dad had taken his own life. I had no idea the journey I was about to take – the guilt I would have to overcome, the anger I would have to live with, and the sadness I would feel for years to come.

For months, I was drowning in the same questions: why didn’t I do more? Was this my fault? Did he know that I loved him? Why wasn’t I enough to stay?

The guilt and shame I was experiencing eventually became too much, and I took a giant leap of vulnerability and bravery and signed myself up for therapy.

It is through therapy and years of self-love that I’ve learned how to turn anger, shame, and guilt into kindness and empathy.

I’ve learned that kindness and empathy are the MOST important things we must always be.

While my sweet and funny dad eventually stopped fighting and can’t be with me today, he continues to instill in me the importance of treating every single human that I meet with kindness.

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