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Want the experience of a lifetime? On an OH Trip, you'll have the opportunity to do more good in this world alongside other humans who want to make an impact on themselves and those around them. These trips will include both self-work and service projects. Come along with us for community, service, connection, and reflection. Let's gooo!

Mexico May 5-8th

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When I joined Only Human I did it to bring me back toward humans who share my values and activities that make me feel like my most authentic self. Thanks to Bree and Shep, we had just the right balance of safety, vulnerability, purpose, and fun embedded into every aspect of our stay. I’ve left this trip with renewed purpose in my career and reinvigorated to keep working toward a life that feels like my own. If I could go back and relive it all again, I definitely would without a single hesitation. I will be back!

Amy L.

Boston, MA


Camp Only Human has changed my life. I met some amazing people on this trip that have helped me grow and to find myself. Before camp I was lost but after I know what my heart is telling me that I need to do to be full filled. I never would have found myself with out Bree and Only Human putting on this trip. I will be going back for sure next time. If you want to push yourself to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be and want to make some amazing friends along the way you should go on one of these trips.Β 

Aly S.

Minneapolis, MN


The collective group of humans that showed up to camp all with similar stories, emotions, challenges, fears all showed up to find love and connection. Together we overcame adversity of the expectations we had of the camp property and brought our energy and feelings into a group and open space. The connections and memories I formed through camp will stay with me forever.Β 

May T.

Augusta, GA


Only Human put on a fantastic event in the mountains of Arizona. All Humans involved were able to say how they were really doing and express their inner emotions. In conjunction with the deep stuff, we also experienced beautiful nature hikes, kayaking, archery, bonfires and more. This was just one weekend and I can't wait to reunite with the friends I have made soon! Thank you Bree and Maggie!Β 


Boston, MA


Even in my adult years I had a hard time leaving this culture and was still surrounded by people who were unaccepting of many groups of people including the LGBTQ+ community. A huge struggle I have had is living as a gay person and having to hide it from my family because of my family's values. I knew the only way to get past my issues was to be honest and come out to my family, primarily my mom. I did not know many people like me and was terrified feeling so alone. At camp OH I met the most beautiful, brave, loving souls. These amazing humans inspired me and gave me a courage I would not have found on my own.




This trip changed my life. Meeting so many passionate & beautiful humans who came into the weekend with their hearts open... I cannot fully explain the power of that. It gave me my own strength back, & in that, hope for the future. Connection. Laughter. Challenges. Inspiration. I was so out of my comfort zone in the best way possible... truly the experience of a lifetime.Β 


Phoenix, AZ


I felt accepted and like I wasn't going to be judged the instant I arrived at the start of the trip. Having a safe space to be vulnerable really allowed me to be my authentic self and process and understand better the things I've been dealing with. Camp was the best experience of my life and would go again in a heartbeat.Β 


I went on this trip not really sure what to expect and I left having had a truly life changing experience. I became instant friends and family with everyone there and felt loved and accepted from day one. This trip reignited my passion for giving back to the community and I cannot express how amazing it is to see the benefit of the projects you do in real time. I found myself again on this trip and for that I will be forever grateful.Β 


This trip provided me with so much more than I could have ever expected. Initially I was thrilled about the "give back" portion of the trip and kind of pushed the workshops/personal growth portions to the back burner. It became abundantly clear from the moment we all arrived at the workshop before heading out though, that this trip was not only going to challenge you physically and emotionally but expose you to an amazing group of humans. I could not have been more grateful for experience and the reset that this provided me for my life.

Erin S.
icon of heart with people around it


Join a community of other humans on a trip that will not only impact your life, but the lives of others as well.


On our *Give Trips* we will complete projects within the local community that help support the humans there.


Meditation, live music, bonfires next to the beach with s'mores, and like-hearted humans all around.


We will hold workshops that help you unlock parts of yourself you might not have known existed.

photo of large group of humans wearing only human shirts while on the beach in mexico